A rich history of satisfied customers make us who we are today


Back in 1998, Fehr Strata Repairs began the strata care, maintenance and repairs it’s known for today under the leadership of Rudy Fehr. At the time, Rudy Fehr Repairs grew the business due to a growing demand of local strata needs for a dependable, reliable and quality driven craftsman who could deliver handyman services. Rudy filled a niche in the market that other large contractors could not address. As the company grew, Rudy invited his son Tyler, to join the team in part as a crew member, but also in leadership. Rudy taught and mentored Tyler as they took on every project together. Tyler learned how to emulate Rudy’s high standards not only in workmanship, but in customer care.

In 2018, Tyler officially took on the honour and the responsibility of steering Fehr Strata Repairs as the owner, as Rudy and his wife Marie entered semi-retirement. Due to the father-son history of Fehr Strata Repairs, this company has had the opportunity to grow under the thoughtful leadership of a true family business. Not only has management always been a father-son team, Fehr Strata Repairs has continued the tradition of hiring family and valuing family values. There are multiple families that make up the Fehr Strata Repair team, and even those not related by blood are treated on the team as a part of the company family. 


“It is my goal for our clients to feel valued, heard and respected. Even though there are projects where miscommunication or dissatisfaction can occur, it is always my goal for our clients to be 100% satisfied, and we will always come back until the project is made right. I’ve chosen the words quality, integrity and trust to represent our mission as a company. I believe they sum up how we always aim to treat our clients and each other. We have built this company on a foundation of family values and honesty, and we hope that you can see that reflected in everything we do.”

Tyler Fehr, Owner


Meet The Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is comprised of passionate and talented professionals able to take on any project you have.


Tyler Fehr
Owner, Project Manager, and Customer Service Lead


Rudy Fehr  |  Founder, Project Consultant, Estimator


Marie Fehr  |  Bookkeeper


Jen Nickel  | Administrative Assistant


Steve Nickel  |  Estimator, Project Consultant, Scheduler


Chris Setchay  |  Crew Leader


Eric Rogers  |  Crew Leader


Johnny Nickel  |  Crew Assistant


Helmut Boschmann  |  Crew Leader, Drywall Expert


John Unger  |  Crew Leader, Drywall Expert


Greg Levitsky  |  Crew Assistant



Our Environmental Commitment

Being in the repair business, we truly value the old fashioned school of thought that not all minor broken things should be replaced. We live in a society where we create so much waste. Our society has built itself on replacing things that may be slightly broken, or just need a minor repair. However, we believe that not all broken things have to be kicked curbside.

By being able to repair something before throwing it out, we are able to reduce our impact on our environment, as well as save money for our clients. Of course, sometimes there are things that are simply beyond repair. In those cases, we recycle as much debris from a job site as we can before heading to the dump.


Charities We Support
10% of our earnings are donated and divided among the following charities we support. These charities are connected to our business either directly through our employees who are a part of them, or indirectly through the family and friends of our employees who either work for, have been helped by, or support these charities:

Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue
A few of our employees are actively involved in the Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue Society. We value what this team does for our community, and so donate our time, money and resources to help support our community.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice
Canuck place is a truly special place, as it provides a place for families to be together while receiving care at Children’s Hospital. As cancer has been something that has affected several individuals in our company, we are truly grateful for places such as Canuck Place and Children’s Hospital, and we try to make a difference in the lives of families going through hardship by supporting places like these. 

African Children’s Choir – Music For Life
We support the Music for Life ministry, as they provide educational programs for children through the power of music. 

“The Music for Life Centers offer an after-school program once a week that includes music and dance, arts and crafts, life skills training, homework help and one-on-one interaction between the children and Center volunteers. The knowledge that someone cares, and has the time to listen, has a tremendous impact on the children, not to mention the opportunity to “just be kids” and forget about their daily struggles for a few hours.” (source from music for life website)